2011 - Unleashing The Programming Power Behind UnRisk

2011 was the year of UnRisk-Q - the culmination of the co-evolutionary development of our bank-proof UnRisk Engines and the UnRisk FACTORY, offered to quant developers.

A short trip down the memory lane through 2011:


But this year was also the start of a comprehensive refactoring: UnRisk Goes Cross Platform. And this means a radical innovation to removing the irrational fear of new architectures. A critical part of the overhaul of the core base of UnRisk Engines: core algorithms are uncompromisingly re-implemented in OpenCL that will be driven over the grid - supporting mixed architectures with one code.

2012, UnRisk for hybrid and cross platform architectures will be releases to support blazing and cool business. But algorithmic re-design also brought new generic foundations were born, enabling us to introduce open hybrid product valuation and analytics. UnRisk-Q will be extended to link the UnRisk FACTORY with any risk related system.

In 2012 we will convince additional quant developers that it will strengthen their situation drastically when building their know how packages atop UnRisk.
We will continuously produce big systems for the small by devoting our UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager to small and medium sized capital management groups.
And unleash our innovations to financial consulting and services institutions.

I will post the UnRisk Agenda 2012 soon.