The Internet Of Things

The internet of things (first mentioned 1999) refers to the representation of uniquely identifiable objects in the internet. Autonomous and intelligent entities shall interoperate online. Alliances are built to promote this idea.

In June, 2009 I was asking myself in The Internet Of whether domain specific The Internet Of ... instantiations would emerge ... like the Internet Of Finance?

In The Internet Gets Physical, The NY Times, Steve Lohr summarizes that low-cost sensors, clever software and more powerful computers are are opening the door to new uses in energy conservation, transportation health care and food distribution.
This might include "soft sensors" for all kind of intelligent analysis including sentiment analysis.

In finance we have massive market data, computational knowledge, we could introduce more intelligent data analysis, we have enormous computing muscles and we have the internet.

But I still do not see an initiative for The Internet Of Finance. For the management of systemic risk, identifying anomalies and unexpected market shifts, the transitions from swarm into avalanche behavior ...