The Smart Revolution.

After I have posted Will Technology Outsmart Us, I searched a little and found in The NY Times, Not Quite Smart Enough. Smart appliances are part of a larger trend toward smart electronics, it says.
So, if I have a freshly caught trout and beetroot in my refrigerator it will tell me recipes ...
One by Heston Blumenthal or Alain Ducasse, one on dietary needs?

Will I have a cybernetic "aura" telling smart devices what I am interested in, what my preferences are? Will those smart devices react on those. Will the washer or dryer in my smart-grid remind me that there is an interesting talk on inverse problems at the university, when I forgot asking my iPad?

In my futuristic home, will I never be lonely if living alone  - always getting recommendations of devices?

I rather hope that homes will self-organize and optimize energy consumption, interacting with local weather forecasting, on the coarse grain and by device integration on the fine grain level.
I want to have "walls" for digital arts, entertainment and edutainment .... but to be inspired to make better decisions for traveling, getting out in real nature, interacting with people, go to theaters, learn with others, ...

Systems that remove barriers to strive for innovations not making me a lazy follower-of-fashion.