Part of the Quant Community - Not Apart from the Quant Community

A few hours ago we have fixed an agreement with one of our featured clients for an UnRisk add-on package that fits again into our made-to-measure architecture, but will be customized to their needs first and quickly - to make important deadlines of their clients.

Pricing and licensing is guided by our project-for-product-cost option, with an extra bonus for the innovativeness and early market approach.

The development will need to step across some borders by requiring latest results of newUnrisk combined with our UnRisk FACTORY - UnRisk-Q bundle.

What guides us to make such unprecedented attractive offers? Thinking about the quant community, we often ask ourselves: "what can we contribute today" - we believe that openness and generosity brings us and them closer together.

If I think friends - I don't want to earn a little extra money when we split the bill of a creative dinner.

No, we are not better people - we just try to rationalize our way to intelligent selfishness: co-operation.

The project? A special treatment of VA calculations.

Picture from sehfelder