"We wrote this book to give quants a sound overview of relevant numerical methods" … But This Was 2013

The book - Michael Aichinger and Andreas Binder, Authors.

Some of the methods printed in this book are widely used, while others should. Particular attention is thus given to working out the strengths and weaknesses of the different methods and to reveal the risky horror in their application. They used examples from the bank practice assisted by a hands-on approach utilizing a complementary web page for explorative learning.

The authors, key UnRiskers, can be proud of the whole writing process, of how hard it was to push on the book that covers and explains an impressive range of methods and techniques - it took almost two years. The objective was to tell a truth and spread it and to cause change. It needed a lot of verification and validation in the background. It's exhausting. Especially, if you have important other things to manage.

In our Agenda 2014 we promised to package and disseminate know-how by documenting and explaining things behind the curtain even better, enabling our users to get most out of our solutions and platform.

But this was 2013

With the experience of the live Workout 2014 in London we have decided to even change our business model (again). Learn together. It's not merely the logistic efficiency of putting people together. Learning together makes learning happen. It is not just reading, watching a video, ... it is taking action and seeing what happens - in live sessions.

We want to increase the choice we give to our clients.

The UnRisk Academy will operate as an independent business unit, working for UnRisk clients and even competitors - helping to leverage their quant finance skills. Meet people and transfer know-how to those, who care.

Edit: in many marketing books you can read that marketing is about products-people-prices-promotion mixes. We think solutions-access-value-education

Picture from sehfelder