CATWOE and the UnRisk Universe

Business is innovation and marketing. Marketing (as we understand it) is about focussing on market segments, purpose-driven positioning, connecting to engaged market participants and developing the right things the right way.

Make things that matter for those who care

We don't do much market analytics on (big) data but we structure the results of our thinking-feeling-doing process. And this is it:

Clients - banks, investment and capital management firms, asset management of insurances, financial services providers, financial advisors and auditors.

Actors - quants, investment- and risk professionals.

Transformation - computational knowledge into know-how packages for better investment and risk management. In our opinion a know-how package consists of a solution that is a development environment in one combined with learning arrangements from courses to intimate workouts that explain in full detail what is behind (the curtain) - "operational risk" is not a risk that can be optimized it is a danger.

Weltanschauung - Arming David. Making big systems for the small sounds crazy, because big means high in cost and small means low in price. But, in a market of Goliaths able to justify huge spend on risk management how are the numerous risk management teams at small market participants to overcome the regulatory tsunami whilst remaining cost effective?  It needs to be done.

We are highly committed to do it and help quants to leverage their work.

Ownership - we offer comprehensive licenses on a yearly fee base. They include premium services.

Environment - great opportunities in a competitive arena.

The UnRisk Universe

In more than 12 years we have developed a quant finance universe combining technologies -  UnRisk Financial Language, UnRisk Engine, UnRisk Data Framework and UnRisk Web Deployment Services - the UnRisk Academy, this Blog and the UnRisk Magazine (coming soon). We also co-design and co-buid solutions.

It's the technology suite and knowledge that empowers us to deliver the big systems for the small - carefully choosing the maths, mapping every practical detail and tying it together to a solution and development system environment in one.