What You Might Want Listening To - If You Have More Time

Here is what has been sticking with me in summer - when I had more time ...

1. The Montreal Tapes, Charlie Haden - a fine recording that effectively underscores why acoustic jazz is usually more compelling in a live, rather than studio, setting. 

2. Box Set, Bill Laswell and Material - this three CD set is of material found on three different albums: One Down, Secret Life, and Into The Outlands. 

3. Orphans, Brawlers, Brawlers & Bastards, Tom Waits - is a spectacular music journey through American song tradition. The diverse 3 -disc collection with 56 songs capture the full scope of Tom Waits' power as vocalist, literary lyricist 

4. The Yahoos Trilogy, Elliott Sharp - the American multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer in collaboration with other music experimentalists.