Superquant 2015

Beyond the Barricades is the title of the cover story of the Jan-15 issue of the Wilmott Magazine…it's about the recruitment outlook for quants in 2015…advocating for the ability to work and communicate well across disciplines.

In October 2014 I posted about the Antidisciplinary

In Beyond the Barricades Wilmott asked major recruiters a few questions….about increasing and decreasing opportunities, drivers, specifics of market segments, skill requirements…

Superquant by compliance or innovation?

The word that has been placed several times across the interviewees: "quant risk teams"…that, IMO, means that emphasis will shift from quant traders to risk quants…especially market risk modelers, operational risk modelers, (risk) model validation specialists…were mentioned.

From the many answers, I select two from London
The best-remunerated quant jobs will be the ones closed linked to regulatory coordination or model audit/governance (Anna Purves from Robert Walters)
The ability to combine programming with business-oriented responsibilities, creating new products working with clients…will be part of the big boom for 2015 (James Martin from Phaidon International)
Be compliant or innovative? The market within the space of quant finance seems to change very much and, pointedly speaking, I understand the above positions as two extremes: work along constrained tasks that are defined by somebody else or figure out what the new opportunities are? In short do the industrial or the lab work?

Gold Rush or modern mining?

As the Wilmott article states in its beginning hook
The days of the quant savant as the secret weapon of the front desk and proprietary operations are now long gone. The difference between pioneering days of the first rocked scientists arriving on Wall Street and the current situation is akin that between the first prospectors of the California Gold Rush and the modern mining industry
That happens with many businesses. Pioneers take the arrows and the settlers take the land…But in many industries quant skills are still seen as drivers for better outcomes.

Can the finance industry be defined as one that develops on the basis of retreating innovation? Meeting regulatory requirements alone?

Is it surprising that the Wall Street has got strong competitors when recruiting talents? Google...or even tech startups?

Our offer beyond productivity

Productivity? It's a measure of output over time.

You get more productivity by working harder or with more skill. Then you might find people who cost less for doing the assigned task. You may manage cooperate and build clever teams...

Then you may invest in technologies that boost the output of your teams…And then?

Then you may invent a new technology…it finally may empower you to define your own tasks. Those that make the change to the better in principle…those that make you a "hybrid quant"…combining programming with business-oriented responsibilities.

The final step may separate the extraordinary careers from the normal ones.
But it often requires a short downturn of your productivity.

Our offers are made to promote yourself by high level programming, regulation-compliant engines, multi-model approaches for new products…know how packages and transparency. Based on UnRisk Quant.

We wan to help pioneers to take the land and settlers to pay the rent.

About productivity, has been inspired by Seth Godin's blog post.