The UnRisk Technology Stack

Over more than 13 years we've built the UnRisk Technology Stack helping us to leverage our development of products with a maximum in productivity and flexibility.

A financial language implemented in engines for all major environments

It's driven by the high-level, declarative UnRisk Financial Language with built-in algorithms, knowledge and automation, implemented in the UnRisk gridEngines, the UnRisk Portfolio Factory, the VaR Engine and the xVA Engine…this engines are inherently parallel optimizing accuracy at performance…prepared to calculate values and risk spectra of financial objects from single instruments to comprehensive portfolios (across scenarios).

Combined with data

Knowing from the beginning that valuation and data management must be twins, we've designed the UnRisk Data Framework managing all UnRisk objects and external (market) data.

For multi-environment deployment

UnRisk supports computable documents, Excel is supported by the UnRisk Excel Link and web front-ends are built of webUnRisk or special UnRisk Java Services that work with the UnRisk Data Framework.

In order to make systems that are solutions and development systems in one we've linked the UnRisk Financial Language and its Engines to the UnRisk Data Framework.

And now - project or product?

How does this influence our business model? Shall we switch from a product- to a project-focus? The technology stack empowers us to do both…knowing that this kind of two-sided marketing needs a careful positioning, especially in pricing and licensing.

But knowing that open innovation is the future of technology development we confirm our

Quantsourcing principle

Offer quant developers to do what we do. Make products or perform projects. For internal use or remarking. We deliver the know-how packages with technologies and the view behind the curtain provided by the UnRisk Academy.

With our new orientation you can develop, we can develop together, or we your name.

Whether you want to serve a specific market segment, special tasks or emphasize on a new deployment system…you/we can make alternatives to outdated valuation and risk systems.

Open and transparent, multi-model and -method, with comprehensive, bank-proof risk analytics…for maximum productivity.

Build or Buy? Buy and Build!

In future posts we will outline some atop UnRisk developments.