Because We Are Nice,

don't think we are stupid.
Our customers know it well, but prospective users often cannot believe that our licensing/pricing does not hide anything in the-small-print.

No, we offer purchase prices bundled with premium services. Premium service renewals are subject of a new decision. You renew and receive services, free usual-twice-a-year updates and a free home use license for a year.
Not to speak about the low UnRisk prices.
How can we do this?
1. We have transformed numerical schemes from solvers of complex technical systems into finance.
2. We integrate symbolic and numerical computation
3. We drive generic technologies at the intersection point of mathematics and computer science
4. We run all operations in one location, customers always know, where to find us and who they are working with
5. We develop wold-wide businesses with partners; consequently we can remain a comparatively small, agile outfit
So, we have a high value/cost ratio. And we transfer its benefits to customers. You might say, why don't you use market clearance pricing?
Because we find this the business model of the future: the co-evolution of customer benefits and technology development.

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