Hidden In Plain Sight?

Begin of this week, we had our 2 days workshop with Solventis . We presented the upcoming UnRisk releases and Solventis compiled their experiences into future requirements.

We went through the agenda and, not so surprisingly, it became clear that it is all about tying things together, providing certain views and representing information in creative ways.
Good to see that our foundations meet our demand-first business model.
UnRisk FACTORY is about the accurate and robust valuation of comprehensive portfolios across grouped scenarios in short time.
You get a set of the latest market data and want to re-evaluate all your positions? Push a button. You want to test the robustness of deals related to financial foundations, or even model-, calibration-, valuation scenarios? Push a button .. and everything will be stored. Aggregations are provided, but also user definable.
Solventis has used this mechanisms to identify i/o sets, which they transform info into special reports, tests, ... taylorred to the needs of their customers.
So, during the workshop, all our creativity was put into the identification of new uses, comfort and packaging.
UnRisk PRICING ENGINE is put on top of C++ and Mathematica. UnRisk FACTORY is put on top of gridUnRisk PRICING ENGINE a data base and web services. Customized modules can be put on top of the FACTORY and so on.
We call this the innovative spiral of risk analytics and reporting system development. The UnRisk way to extract informations often hidden in plain sight and transform them into insight.

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