UnRisk and China-Quants. 8 Good Reasons for a Spirited Partnership.

Shawn Liu (picture) head of China-Quants , Shanghai, UnRisk partner, and us met in our development center to formulate the strategic blueprint for marketing UnRisk technologies in China. In a 3 days workshop we thought like one company.

I really like this. 8 good reasons for combining forces for demand-first innovation.

1. Progress motivates - China's market dynamics stimulates UnRisk's development dynamics
2. A center of innovation - China-Quants services for financial institutions are specialized and practical, to improve the level of quant finance, especially valuation and risk analysis, UnRisk teams support
3. Technologies that revolutionize workflows - quickly introduce risk analytics work flows to Chinese financial institutions adaptive to their trading decisions and principles, based on UnRisk technologies.
4. Provide the tools required, immediately - UnRisk products cover a broad variety of deals types from the vanilla to the most sophisticated. Financial institutions in China can grow along the complexity
5. Inside-out knowledge - not only provide product use training but give full explanation on the underlying theories, models and methods in relation to deal cases
6. Independent from usual roles and companies - China-Quant and UnRisk from marketers over consultants to developers act in one customer service cycle
7. Boost creativity - by connecting organizations and people. We integrate customer experiences and connections by inviting them to our development workshops
8. Quant finance community building - China-Quant to set up a small dedicated financial engineering information center that will be expanded around existing forums

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