Custom-Fabricated Risk Analytics Factories?

Article in Wired Magazine Feb 2010 . In an age of open source, custom-fabricated and do-it-yourself product design all yo need - is a brilliant idea. Portals to the future of manufacturing are shown in examples like the power of micro-factories for developing a car - LocalMotors, Warham-Masschusetts, combining the power of crowdsourced design and professional experience to develop a power Rally Car. The manufacturing muscle came from a car company.

In quantitative finance academic researchers and leading practitioners are publishing distinguished models and methodologies for the pricing and analytics of instruments and portfolios. To implement them properly, you need to know a lot about models for underlyings, stochastic calculus, numerical schemes for PDE and PIDE treatment , parameter identification, Montecarlo simulation and Longstaff Schwartz, global optimization, inverse problems, 

To validate valuation and calibration engines in HPC environments, combine them with transaction processing and deploy risk analytics tasks over the web, you need to drive generic sw technologies additionally, and understand them deeply.

We made the UnRisk FACTORY producing risk spectra from massive instrument positions in portfolios with lightning speed and robustness.

You want to customize your own risk analytics system for custom-fabricated risk spectra of your special deal types?
Combine the power of your brilliant risk analytics ideas with our professional experience.
Build your valuation and risk analytics engines the UnRisk way. With UnRisk know how packages (systems + the blueprints and knowledge, how to build and extend them).
From our development team and the UnRisk Academy .

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