Cheat With Science

Wired magazine, Jun-10, Catch A Bouquet at a Wedding.
The humor of this small feature seems to get its essence from its serious core?
Basically this is the outfielder problem. Do skilled baseball players catch fly balls by creating a model of the ball's trajectory and heading to its predicted destination, or is it a kind of a feed-back process?

The resulting rules for catching the bridal bouquet are:
  1. For quick fine movement kick off your high-heels
  2. Get out in the open. The more you move the more visual data you pick up. Don't head for where you predict the blooms will fall
  3. Keep your eyes on the flowers. Couple your motion to theirs
  4. Adjust your speed. If someone tries to intercept, make split second changes in velocity and direction. Trajectory intersection makes the win
Market models, calibration, scenario thinking, market behavior and market feed back processing will decide whether your wins will be some/many/quick/slow/big/small, ... and if people say, you were lucky, visionary or a common-senser , if you catch it :=)