In Paris Do Like the World-Class Chefs Do.

3-Jun-10, 11:15 am, Andreas will give an invited talk at the Mathematica Conference in Paris. About Model and Method Risk. Especially how we use Mathematica to organize deal types, models and methods orthogonal.

In 2010, there are ten 3 Michelin-Star restaurants in Paris. My favorite is Pierre Gagnaire (Hotel Balzac), a chef who was on the forefront of the fusion movement.
The Carte presents dishes that are topic-menus, to be composed to menus. Just taking the menu takes concentration, so complex are the multiline descriptions about the dishes' six or seven ingredients. Gagnaire's work is often blending three or four unexpected tastes and textures in a single dish.
IMO, this is only possible because of his clear orthogonal organization of ingredients and processes that allows for experiments and verification on the fly.

It is like in our business. If you don't do that you run into combinatoric complexity and traps of unexpected model-method conflicts.

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