Shanghai - the city that never sleeps

When I arrived in Shanghai, I thought "There is so much life in this city." People doing their businesses, thousands of busses at the EXPO parking area, a hotel dedicated to service their customers at the highest level, and Shawn Liu and his team having organised a perfect event for the following day.

Yes, there is also so much life in the traffic in the city. When the elevated ring roads come down to earth to spread into the local streets, you can have your daily adventure when crossing the street.

The China Quants event was a big success (see Herbert's entry) with 70 people attending the seminar.

Dear reader, I have to disappoint you. I cannot tell you anything about the EXPO, because Shawn managed to organise quite a few in-house presentations for the follwing days at various financial institutions with different roles on the Chinese market.

I enjoyed Shawn's and his team's hospitality very much. The after seminar dinner showed all kinds of Shanghai's culinary arts and delightful and interesting companions around the table.

In Nanjing Road, a saxophonist on a balcony played swing musis, and couples were ballroom-dancing in the street. And a very fine quickstep it was.