UnRisk FACTORY 3 Is Released

21-Sep-11, UnRisk took UnRisk FACTORY 3 and UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager 3 to financial institutions.

In May-08 UnRisk FACTORY was released. Version 3 is its 7th release since. It supports now all deal types, models and utilities that have beed added to UnRisk 5 - recently released, including but not limited to inflation linked products, all-in-one pricing functions for callable/putable FX linked products, and new contract and scheduling features. New features on instrumen and scenario grouping. More valuation automation. A complete new online help.

The VaR Universe has been vastly enhanced. It produces now VaR cubes across a vast variety of risk factors for portfolios with all pruduct type under the historic and parametric methodology (Monte Carlo VaR will come soon). 
The VaR Univese optional in the UnRisk FACTORY is part of UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager.

A fast growing number of banks, capital management firms, insurance, .. enjoy the following benefits from using UnRisk FACTORY: Faster Time-to-Insight - High Accuracy - Complete Evidence - Wide Access - Low Cost of Ownership