Having built radical innovation from bottom up, we are able to swiftly enter into new directions and service longtime partners and friends with special attention.

Integrating our blazingly fast valuation and risk engines into transaction processing and web service environments to a portfolio across scenario simulation factory, we have created the UnRisk FACTORY. It is used in banks, private banks, capital management firms, insurance and financial services institutions.

Capital managers were UnRisk customers from the first hour in 2002.
Smaller capital management firms, buying UnRisk FACTORY in its compact EXPRESS Edition form recently drove some special functionality for better investment and risk management as well as regulatory compliance.

Today we released UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager bundling UnRisk FACTORY with the VaR Universe and adding functionality devoted to capital management's risk benchmarking requirements.
This is the first step into a product line, which will again serve capital management needs first but drive generic technologies.