Celebrating 11 Years of UnRisk

This is the very first announcement.

UnRisk - From Derivatives Pricing to Advanced Risk Management Processes

6-Nov-12, 2 pm, Vienna, Grand Hotel, Kärntner Ring 9

Type of Event: A Free Compact Conference - predominantly with Customer Presentations.

Theme: The Co-Evolution of  Technology Development and Customer Experiences in Quantitative Risk Management and a little Celebration of 11 Years of UnRisk.

Welcome: Heinz Engl, UnRisk Owner and Scientific Adviser, Vienna

Speakers: Guillermo Alfaro Bau, Managing Partner, Solventis, Barcelona - Grant Fuller, Owner and CEO, Axicorda, London - Wolfgang Mair, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Financial Advisory, Vienna - Michael Schmid, Head of Risk Management, Raiffeisen Capital Management, Vienna, Andreas Binder, CEO, UnRisk, Linz  - others to be confirmed.

UnRisk celebrates eleven years of serving financial institutions with advanced quantitative finance solutions and tools by drawing together customer and own experiences, whilst driving advanced mathematical schemes and generic technologies.
This is the year in which we have released UnRisk solutions and tools with dramatic enhancements and this is the year in which we reinvent UnRisk. This is the year of new customers and exciting new uses.
This is the time to summarize and talk about the UnRisk future developments - identifying technologies and schemes that we find essential to power innovation in quantitative risk management.
Who can summarize this  better than our customers, who have analyzed the most sophisticated deal types, integrated UnRisk into their front-to-back risk management solutions, built System as a Server web platforms for various usages and market segments atop UnRisk.

We invite organizations and professionals, interested in innovations that might contribute to a move of risk management to better insight. We look forward to spirited discussions about the lessons of the last decade and the possible role but also the traps of quant finance technologies.