Raging Bulls?

Wired: How Wall Street Got Addicted to HFT?

We, at UnRisk, do not take an ethical or cultural view on high-frequency trading - we like innovative spirals and new technologies.

I let the extended Wired article speak, selecting a characteristic aspect: Stock quotes are always to the penny, but real prices can go to the six decimal places. No sane person would haggle over a ten-thousandth of a cent. But computers don't get bored.

How can I control and manage, what I don't like? It needs technology.

I have looked into this in Will Technology Outsmart Us and Approaching  Singularity.

Can risk management technology be as lightning-fast, as the trading algorithms?

I refer to the paper of Doyne Farmer and Spyros Skouras: An ecological perspective of the future of computer trading,  highlighting from their conclusion - our ecological perspective emphasizes the co-evolution of computer trading, human trading, markets and regulators.

But finally I disclose my personal view that has no scientific or theoretical background: let us not race to the bottom, not squeeze every fraction of a cent out of any market?