Scenarios - Stories About Possible Futures

for todays decision. Our UnRisk FACTORY is, in its core, an untiringly working factory that does instrument group-across-scenarario-groups analytics. Fast. Accurate. Automated.

It often performs millions of full valuations to provide insight supporting risk-controlled decision making. Scenario planning and analytics can change financial strategies.

Make Possible Opportunities Plausible, Not Probable -  scenarios cannot predict the future, but comprehensive what-if analysis can provide a deeper foundation of knowledge

Understand What is Relevant and What is Challenging - scenario analysis spans a "cube" of information helping to understand risk-factor-dependent sensitivities and trade-offs between returns and values

Scenarios Tell Memorable Stories - post processing, say, by producing movies based on dynamic visualization of the vast variety of results across certain factors, possible behavior is brought to live. Reports that are programs keep them evident

All Numbers are Evident - every single valuation over the complete history with the financial objects, models, data, prices and risk spectra is stored and managed in the data base to understand what happened in a period and what would have happened, if ...

Scenarios Open Doors - if used to explain and discuss complex financial concepts in financial engagements

Manage Critical Views as an Asset - a great value of scenarios is that they create a culture  where  critical questions can be asked based on insight

One could even say scenarios build a framework that fits into a broader financial management system and become a source of dynamism based on risk-controlled decision support and constructive learning.

With UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager we are driving this approach even further, discussing with CEOs of small and medium sized capital management firms about their risk-informed decision making.