Shhh, .... UnRisk 7 Is Coming

Yes, we have schedules. And our teams publish share them with marketing and sales ... ;)

I was in Amsterdam last week and met a few Wilmotters - we "consumed" our prize as group winners of the 2012 Dutch Science Quiz. The prize was one thing, but to meet people you discussed with over years, but have never met in person is also exiting.

After my return our product manager told me: "all comprehensive tests went so well, we will be able to release 2 weeks in advance. In 3 weeks". If I could manage the promotion, he added .... Yes, I can.

The best shortcut? Take the long way!

What I like with this: the shortcut that seems to work - take the long way. Do the hard work when designing your software, processes and feed back structure. Work consistent and transparent in the team. But take your time to check new ideas, approaches, schemes ... they may make your code even less voluminous, less complicated, faster ... or easier to tie together.

UnRisk-Q and PRICING ENGINE version 7 will be taken to financial institutions in 3 weeks. It will be the 20th major release in 11 years. It will be the new core for the next FACTORY release in Q3-13.

I will inform you about the new capabilities.