What Is It That Makes a Modern Product Manager?

I took a few days off and just returned from the Drome region in South France. I found a real quiet place, in a tiny village with 56 inhabitants, close to Crest with a stunning view into a green valley.

A few meters from the apartment I found this traffic sign - "Beware livestock grazing". Usually it shows a cattle, but the sheep is more precise in this area - maybe unique?

And then "Beware sheep" came into my mind - and call centers that act like if I was a sheep?!

I often ask myself: are product managers responsible for the call centers? Do they want to increase its productivity or alignment?

The UnRisk product manager, Michael Schwaiger, is here to align to our mission and culture and to what we do here and why. But even more, he is the key application developer, and he is the one who offers first hand support.  In 85% of the cases he does not need to delegate to the support team, also developers.

But this is not because he wants to be productive - no he has the experience, the tools and the will to decrease uncertainty - decrease user's fear of being wrong, the fear that there are better ways, .. the reason why we all are often stuck ...

Application support covers a much larger portion than technical support. "The best way to structure this ..?", ...

No, we do not run a call center - it is our strategy that the product manager and key application developer DOES support. This does not only close the user-developer feed-back loop - it is part of our Quantsourcing business model.