Why Is It That Socks Always Get Lost in The Laundry?

From Ask Ariely .. I really like his answer - in short: you have many socks, socks are in pairs and if you miss one and find it later elsewhere, but forgot that you missed it once, you miss its partner ... You count as lost each sock in a pair - even if non of them is really lost (in the laundry).

It becomes more complex, if you perfectly match socks, shoes, handbags, shirts, ties, ..  you can't wear one without another.

This made me brooding. It is about coupling. Coupling has many benefits but also a risk. In tightly coupled systems all components need to run adequately and robust simultaneously - you cannot miss one ...

This is one reason why we organize for example instruments, models and methods orthogonally. And our internal structure combines quite loosely coupled components. We even have implemented them in the languages that are best for the purpose. We use link technologies, instead of rigid integration.

If you think you miss a sock in our FACTORY, you find others with the same effect.

We tie things together.