The Top 5 UnRisk Stories Of 2013

As 2013 is closed, I take a final look back at the stories I found most compelling from the market, as well as the makers, point of view.

1. UnRisk FACTORY UnRisk-Q Bundle

Whilst -Q programmers enjoy the manipulation of all UnRisk objects, deal types of interest rates, equity, FX, inflation, commodities, credit and convertibles with hybrid contract features, models, simulators including the VaR Universe, utilities, ... from the UnRisk Financial Language, FACTORY (CM) users enjoy the broad coverage, integrated valuation and data managment, fast time-to-productivity, low cost of ownership and automation with an enormous throughput.

Since Mar-13 we offer an automated solution and development system in one.

2. CVA/FVA/DVA Development the UnRisk Way

Selecting momentary technologies blindly may make it impossible to achieve the ambitious goals. Data and valuation management needs to be integrated carefully and an exposure modeling engine needs to work event driven. Billions of single valuations might be required ….

Consequently, we have built a blazingly fast foundation first, invited featured customers to join the project and build the high level tasks by closing the feed-back loops of practical needs, future technology implementations and testing - atop the UnRisk Financial Language.

3. A Workout in Computational Finance

The book has been released in Aug-13 and we have decided offer live workouts as a reference class of the UnRisk Academy (first event in London, 30-Jan-14).

Five hours of inspiring practical sessions for those, who want to enjoy the freestyle of quant work by staying strong, agile and balanced.

The open information policy related to the mathematica schemes behind UnRisk includes the Mathematics Wednesday and Physics Friday here.

4. Arming David - A Great Success

To encourage the flowering of small investment and capital management units with competitive advantage we have introduced the bundled UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager.

In 2013 we have additionally installed it at 4 dedicated capital management firms, the smallest with 7 people, and 2 asset management departments of small insurances.

5. Close the Trap of Negative ….

This seems to be a hidden-detail story? Our customers are quite happy that we offer a multi-model approach - see Black vs Bachelier - and look deeper into the mathematical schemes: Libor and the Negative Eigenvalue Trap.

We have big things planned for 2014, so my hope is that you continue reading our contributions.