We Celebrate 555 Posts

About 5 years ago the first post in UnRisk Insight was first set free into the world: the introduction of the UnRiskverse and the evolutionary approach - that still drives UnRisk  development. A summary of the principles can be found here).

Post 555: Interest Rate Models - from SDE to PDE

Write more - learn more

It was the beginning of an exciting journey. We discussed more, wrote more, explained more, learned more - not only in the blog.

The UnRisk Academy was established and after Michael Aichinger and Andreas Binder wrote the book A Workout in Computational Finance, live workouts became an Academy reference class.

The most popular is not always the best?

The blog is read all over the world and starting with  a few page visits we enjoy now about 5000 per month. The reason? More are writing, we strive for publishing each work day, try to present posts in a rhythm and present more knowledge details.

From the all time hit list:

15 Years of Adaptive Integration 2012

Diffusion and Osmotic Pressure  2013

Skateboarding and Computational Finance 2013

VaR of the Jungle 2011

Black vs. Bachelier 2013

The Big Joke of Big Data 2011

In 2014

The series about The City Swap 

The Black Karasinski Calibration Problem

The series on models, like The Jump Diffusion Models

seem to be candidates for an all time high ...

As I personally reflect today on these 5 blogging years, what is amazing to me is how much it changed my working life.

And the blog journey continues ….