If UnRisk was a superhero

it most probably was Reed Richards alias Mister Fantastic.
"Mister Fantastic numbers among the very smartest men in the Marvel Universe, and that was true even before cosmic rays granted him amazing powers. This genius scientist leads the Fantastic Four on a never-ending quest of discovery and exploration. Sure, his obsession with science sometimes comes at the detriment of his family life, but a kinder and nobler hero you'll rarely find.
IGN Comic Book of Heroes
Mister Fantastic is an engineer and a scientist and he is knowledgeable in many different fields, like mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. He built a starship with which he ventured into space, where he and the other crew members were exposed to cosmic radiation. Due to this incident his body was changed and he gained full flexibility. He can transform/stretch into any shape or form he wants, which makes him truly adaptive to any situation.
He doesn't wear shiny armor, he doesn't care for fame or fortune but is dedicated to science and wants to excel in what he does.

UnRisk is the result of a joint effort of people from miscellaneous scientific fields (mathematics, informatics, physics, ...) and comes in various shapes and forms. It can be used either as an Extension for other platforms like for example Mathematica, or it can be used as a standalone application. It is constantly being improved and we work closely with our customers to include their wishes and needs.