About High-Tech and Low-Tech Heroes

I, the oldest UnRisker, cannot resist. I refer to Diana's Mister Fantastic post - just published.

When I was young, there were already legions of super-heroes and even the Fantastic Four debuted in the 60s. And I read those comics. But in my teenage mind, I was probably a little too obsessed by some old-fashioned stuff, like Hal Foster's Prince Valiant.

Valiant is a prince from the Norwegian region Thule. Valiant came to Camelot where he earned the respect of King Arthur and became a Knight of the Round Table. He fought the Huns, Saxons, … dark magicians and dangerous animals with his powerful Singing Sword a magical blade, sister to King Arthur's  Excalibur. Quite low tech but effective - as you can see in the picture.

What has this to do with UnRisk?

We are passionate about future technologies, but one might call us old-fashioned in our business principles: responsiveness and transparency.

We have established the UnRisk Academy to explain in the full detail, how our Singing Sword, the laser sabers and other sophisticated high-tech arms work.

The picture is from Wikipedia.org.