Germany versus USA: Arbitrage at the FIFA 2014 world cup?

At the FIFA 2014 world cup, group G consists of the teams of Germany, USA, Ghana, and Portugal. After two rounds, Germany and USA have 4 points each (one win, one draw), Ghana and Portugal one point each (one dra, one defeat). In the final round, Germany and the USA play against each other, and the match takes place at the same time as the Ghana vs. Portugal match.

The two teams leading in front after the final round will enter the stage of the final 16 teams.

From the arbitrage point of view, a draw between Germany and USA would make sure that both teams succeed in getting to the round of 16.
(There is the rumour that in the 1982 world cup, there has been an arbitrage match between Germany and Austria in Gijon with both teams coming to the next stage after a 1-0 win of Germany.)

Will similar things happen in 2014? I do not think so. Football is not only about results but also on passion.

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