Helping Quant Startups Leverage Their Businesses

Our engagement in finance started 1997 and we were lucky to choose the right technology and found partners who set us high goals but supported us to achieve them (see a short story of being lucky)

Don't take care of that all

When you start your own business, it's just you and you ideas. You add clients and they shape you and your ideas. It is vital that you avoid a few traps - one of the most important: don't think you need to do it all your self. The foundations and technologies you us will enable you to add values much swifter.

Great opportunities for a new wave

Yes, the crisis shook things up. The regulatory "tsunami" makes simpler instruments more complex, because of their role in an interacting system of counter parties … and the complex ones become complex^2. Consequently, quant work becomes more difficult and indispensable, for the sell and the buy side.

At the other hand technologies have become better and cheaper and obstacles to access them has faded.

Entering the quant finance market, we observed that quants developed quite similar systems - bound by legacy technologies named strategic technologies at their, banks, … But banks may remember that their core business is not technology making …

In the new regulatory framework and for their own benefits even individual investors want quant validation.

This all creates new opportunities for quant startups.

UnRisk-Q for a growing quant market 

Helping independent quants to leverage their businesses we have unleashed the programming power behind UnRisk - UnRisk-Q, for which we spent over 80 years developing, carefully choosing the mathematics, mapping every practical detail - for derivatives analytics and risk management.

And we are radically open about everything we do mathematically and technically.

After a great reception we go beyond 

Our UnRisk FACTORY clients use UnRisk-Q to post process tons of valuation and risk data calculated by the FACTORY automatically.

And we have now the idea to add the FACTORY to UnRisk-Q for quants. The FACTORY combines a grid engine with a data base and web front-end and builds a great system for solution development and integration - perfect for an evolutionary prototyping approach. Ideal for quant development. Ideal for quant startups.

UnRisk Quants - the combination represents 150 years of development and its yearly license price will be about the cost three quant months.

We want to intensify building the quant community around UnRisk. We want to help our partners, conserving capital, leveraging technology and intensifying computational finance skills.

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Picture from sehfelder