Linking the UnRisk FACTORY to UnRisk-Q Chapter 1

In my blog UnRisk Web Service: Combining our Products I gave an example on how the UnRisk Web Service may be used to make data which is stored in the UnRisk FACTORY database accessible via Excel.
Today I will show how this Web Service may be used to combine our two products, UnRisk FACTORY and UnRisk-Q. The necessary steps in this example are:
  • Set up a financial instrument in the UnRisk FACTORY (this can be done in a very convinient way)
  • Load this instrument by the use of the UnRisk Web Service into Mathematica
  • Set up an interest rate curve in Mathematica by the use of UnRisk-Q
  • Price this instrument in Mathematica
Step 1: Setting up the financial instrument (in our example it is a simple fixed rate bond) in the UnRisk FACTORY

Steps 2 to 4 are explained in the following code of Mathematica

Conclusion: By the use of the UnRisk FACTORY the user can set up financial instruments in a very intuitive and convinient way. The UnRisk Web Service enables the user to import these financial instruments into the world of Mathematica. By the use of UnRisk-Q the user can perform valuations or analyze the behaviour of instrument prices under market scenarios which can be set up in a very flexible way within Mathematica.