Pygmalion At Work

The myth of Pygmalion  is about the Greek sculptor who fell in love with a statue he has carved.

The Pygmalion Effect

is about expectations that drive performance. In a workplace it should lead to a kind of co-evolution: leader expectations of team members may alter leader behavior. Like, the more a team member is engaged in learning the more the leader expects. In turn, the team member participates in more learning activities … and leader set learning goals and allow for more learning opportunities.


This effect may help leaders leading, teachers teaching, learners learning … But it's difficult to measure.

However, I am interested in the original myth:

Flip motivation

Instead of doing-what-we-love, we-love-what-we-do. Yes, we want to do things we are good at, but this is not enough. It's all about the results. Create values, solve problems, leverage skills, … do things that matter for and with those who care.

(In the ancient Greek mythology the sculpture came to life - Aphrodite had granted Pygmalion's wish)

What drives us

Years ago, we have unleashed the programming power of UnRisk enabling quants to love what they do, without needing to do all the plumbing. With UnRisk, quants can programmatically manipulate deal types with hybrid contract features, models and data and intelligently aggregate the massive risk data the UnRisk FACTORY calculates.

In 2001, when we looked at the available quant finance technologies, we found products that were too black-box, too rigid to introduce new features, too service dependent to build our ideas atop.

Because we saw a need for a more flexible technology, we developed UnRisk. We wanted to provide solutions that are development systems in one. To make them bank-proof, we provided solutions first and then offered the technology behind.

We've much more ideas than we can build

This is one reason why we love partnering. We believe in quant-powered innovation on a higher level. An we offer all type of programs that make partnerships profitable to our partners - and us.