No, I do not recommend this "phantasy" movie about King Leonidas and his 300 Spartan Warriors.
Seing the trailer, I just remembered that the Battle of Termopylae, has been an integral part of the curriculum in my high school, and I am sure many others.

It is believed from mythology, that Leonidas and 300 (risk-trained) Spartan warriors were the dominant force of a Greek army of between 5000 and 7000 strong to hold the pass of Termopylae against the massive Persian army under Xerxes.

Risk aspects: the oracle of Delphy has warned Leonidas that either Sparta would be destroyed or he would lose his life. The pass was chosen with care. The Greeks were armed with long spears to prevent persians to getting close with their weapons. After they have repulsed the attacks for the first days an unexpected risk was caused by a Greek traitor, who showed the Persian a path around. Knowing that they will be outflanked, Leonidas sent away all Greek troops, because he cared about their safety to preserve them for future battles (only 900 Helots and 700 Thespians stayed).
They finally were cut down, but saved Sparta and in the following Athens and Greece.

Away from weapons, wars ... what we want to do for risk management: provide powerful technology optimized for certain usages ( a clever handful is enough ) in a minimalist infrastructure, giving in-time decision support. A system that is widely usable (even from smart mobiles) , act powerful and robust where required and collaborate with the surrounding systems. And we train risk experts.

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