Disrupt Or Re-Invent Ourselves?

How vulnerable is our business? As vulnerable as that of the market participants in our market segments.
For years, we were in the given-a-problem-searched-a-solution innovation business. In modeling and simulation of complex technical systems.

1997, we entered into the quantitative finance market by developing software tools for complex convertible bonds for the London trading group of an American bank. We saw many commonalities with our technical problem solving as well as abstractions. With UnRisk, we transformed ourselves into product-and-services providers, and our projects became kind of reverse innovation: developing generic technologies from the concrete local requirements of our customers.
In return, we decided to transfer our own technological and implementation benefits to our customers (Because We Are Nice ). By high-value / low-cost offerings (low-price software in minimalist infrastructure).

Having given our new UnRisk Academy a special mission, we extend this to transfer also the know-how-to-exploit-the-benefits by giving insight into models, methods and technology implementation. We are not entering the seminar business, we are entering the know-how package business. We learn from teaching and get a next level of abstraction enabling us to implement automatic model & method selection, precision control by parameter optimization, decision suport, ... And the innovative co-evolution will go on.

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