Made To Measure

No, this is not about the collection Made to Measure of the Belgian record label Crammed Disk. But it would be worth to mention the renowned artists having worked with musicians who contribute to the MTM collection: Jim Jamusch who produced the filmmusic to one of my favorites "Down By Law" (MTM 14), to name one.
However it is about intersections and interplay of art books, films, .. with music.

No, I refer to made-to-measure that defines products (clothing for example) that are made from a standard-sized base pattern but customized for individual customer requirements.
We, at UnRisk, say, serving customers needs by driving generic technologies.

This year showed us that market participants carefully look both into-the-new, as well as into-the-depth.
We maintain our commitment to user-oriented design, continually strengthen our robust core algorithms and model solvers with unified system layers supporting the latest high-performance computing technologies. Applying C++, Mathematica, Java, HTML, ... where those are perfect, with a built-in parallelism.
As fruit of challenging research and comprehensive tests across model-scenarios, we have identified method&model risks and made often hidden traps explicit, and gave full explanation on the noise they create, and how we avoid them, if possible. Our made-to-measure architecture helps us to perform such tests automatically.
The design principles allowed us to take huge releases, UnRisk PRICING ENGINE 4, UnRisk-Q 4 and UnRisk FACTORY 2 to financial institutions recently all fully compatible with the customised versions of our customers.

We had a productive workshop with our pioneer customers yesterday, outlining the new functions in the next UnRisk releases (Q2 2010).
Flexibility is THE major requirement in risk analytics. Consequently we will maintain our focus on made-to-measure development.

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