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compiled from Wilhelm Reich.
Today, we have launched UnRisk Academy, a new business unit that will package and transfer know how.

Why ? From the beginning we are highly committed to serving our customers individually, whilst driving generic technology. Generic methods are already a first pre-requisite for explorative learning and consequently our product user training can be concise. In addition the document centered approach (Excel Workbooks, Mathematica Notebooks) allows for electronic exchange of use cases and makes support constructive and insightful.
And we describe our valuation techniques in Technical Papers .
But we found, because there is background, this is not enough. Knowing the background helps not only developers, but also users, to avoid any methodological and technological risk that can become horrible in interplay.
This is why our services group is built of top researchers and developers.

UnRisk Academy extends the already dynamic packages for product user training and other exploration resources with a brand-new course framework enabling quant trading and risk experts to understand the quantitative theories, mathematical schemes and critical implementation aspects in detail. Models for Underlyings, Deals Types and Cases, PDE, PIDE and their Numerical Treatment, Montecarlo and Longstaff-Schwarz, Calibration will be covered in modules, each designed for 3 days.

The courses will be live-in-classroom with practical hands-on examples. Continual support via online exchange of examples is offered. Focuses on the practical side of quantitative finance....

UnRisk Academy will tie all learning aspects of UnRsk together and complete UnRisk offerings from product/services to Know-How Packages.

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