Tall Tools

For tall buildings you need tall cranes. This impressive crane is not tall enough to maintain the Centre Point in London. But, the principle construction of the crane looks to me configurable from parametric building blocks.
Computers give us even more flexibility for parametric design.

For the valuation and risk analytics from the single deal type to the most comprehensive portfolio, we have tuned C++ based pricing and calibration engines for accuracy, speed and robustness. Algorithms are designed to work in next generation CPU+GPU architectures.
Integrated into Mathematica 7, built-in parallelism exploits multi-core processors. An UnRisk seat comes with 4 parallel computation kernels that can be extended. Single power users can extend to gridUnRisk Local, power user groups to gridUnRisk Server.
This ENGINE combined with transaction processing and task-building-and-scheduling services, build the UnRisk FACTORY that crunch even massiver valuations automatically, and with lightning speed. Accessible from a web browser. We tie together building blocks built in C++, Java, Mathematica, SQL and HTML.
For cranes quickly customized to the purpose and enabling crane operators to monitor the crane that automatically completes all scheduled operations with full precision, from at home.

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