Flip the Product Development Timeline - The Projects-for-Product-Cost Option

How to launch a software brand? Independent of the software development methodology the product timeline itself it is characterized by Ideate-Prototype-Program-Refactor-Test-Package-Market.

The UnRisk core development cycle is evolutionary and dynamic - but is has Acts like described in a story of being lucky. It is driven by the technology utilized.

UnRisk provides a family of products and including add-on packages. They all are under a release regime, so thinking of an orthogonal organization we have components-variants-releases.

After we have established UnRisk as valuation and risk engine world-wide - with the commitment to serve users individually whilst driving generic technologies - some clients contacted us with the vision to mange risk "while they are sleeping".

We knew this will lead to a large project, requiring blazingly fast engines, a combination of valuation and data management, a comfortable front-end and services that can build and run scheduled, automated tasks.

We ideated the UnRisk FACTORY, convinced a handful of banks to join the project team and offered a solution with a contribution fee limited by the future license cost of the resulting FACTORY.

Their benefit was obvious: a customized, eminent practical solution at low cost and risk and the entry into a featured-customer relation ship with us. It worked fantastic for all parties. And, no surprise, the same approach was chosen when developing the VaR Universe and is in a new innovative project concerning advanced exposure modeling ....

So we more and more flip the time line to Ideate-Market-Develop-Package-Market - offering the project-for-product-cost option.

So, if we say "bank-proof" it is true - before the wide dissemination starts.

Picture from sehfelder