To Unleash Must Not Mean To Control

This weekend I enjoyed the rest at the Attersee - no storms ... And, sitting in front of the old boathouse,  I remembered that earlier in spring the fishermen set tiny fish to catch the swarms they have built later when they grew - for landing in the pan or on the char grill ...

Is it the same principle as unleashing ideas, methods, ... or all together packed in technologies?  Is it a luxury, as long as we cannot control its growth?

IMO, it makes a big difference, if "I want people to use this and talk about it" or "I want to control the usage of this".

Know How Packages

With UnRisk-Q we have unleashed the programming power behind UnRisk and the UnRisk Academy has been established to give full explanation on quantitative theories, mathematical approaches and critical implementations. AWorkout in Computational  Finance, offers a thorough introduction of numerical methods, revealing the traps the traps that practitioners frequently fall into.

UnRisk-Q is father in the UnRisk FACTORY

We believe, we have a few good ideas and methodologies that could help quants, their clients and even the industry to build advanced valuation and risk management systems and we decided to distribute them. Quant developers can build solutions atop UnRisk-Q that even compete UnRisk, they could expand UnRisk-Q and enable their clients to build solutions atop the enhanced UnRisk-Q that compete UnRisk and so on.

Our flagship product, UnRisk FACTORY, is built atop UnRisk-Q and its VaR Universe.

We sell UnRisk-Q seats. WebUnRisk if somebody wants to build a SaaS. We do not distinguish between UnRisk-Q development or runtime licenses. Consequently, we do not control what it is used for.

We like partnering with quant developers. We try to get permission from them to maintain an open discussion on further ideas and innovations. But it is optional.