How we Keep Up with Quants - the Principle of Reciprocity

It sounds so simple: our clients want our best work and our passion.

But, they could expect that we work in a factory mindset, pay us for the best possible work, accept nothing else than high performance .... or they could encourage us, set a high bar and then support us on our way.....

Our flagship product is a risk management factory - UnRisk FACTORY - but we do not work in the mindset of a factory - as I wrote in no, we are not industrialists.

After we have unleashed the programming power behind UnRisk - UnRisk-Q - we have established special relationships with a growing number of financial engineers, quants and risk professionals of our customers.

Great software development technologies and deep design are good for many things - they make software  efficient, stable, extendible, ... but they also help us to react quickly to someones spontaneous request and meet someone else's important deadline.

But providing this technology opens new partnerships. With quants, for example. They are energized by motivations such as exploration and innovation. They want to do the lab work not the factory work, even make art, things that haven't been made before, the difference. Like us.

People support you, if they got them something helping them to advance their goals. So, our connections are often even emotional, going far beyond business partnerships and alliances.