My Three Reasons To Leave a Paradise

The last four years I have rented a summer apartment in an old post station at one of Austria's most beautiful lakes - Lake Attersee. Gustav Mahler resided four years from 1893 to 1896, just nearby. Most in his small composer's cottage.

He once said to a friend: "No need to look there any more - that`s all been used up and set to music by me".

A few days ago, my wife and I decided to give the apartment up and last weekend we moved our belongings back to Linz. The collage above gives an impression of this last day in paradise. 

We enjoyed so many exciting and inspiring stays there.

Hiking, swimming, reading, working on critical concepts and plans...getting the catch of the day from the fisherman at our boat house, among them the rare, delicious lake chars living a meager life in 70m depth…

It is so quiet there, the views are so stunning, the woods are greener, the trees higher, the water clearer, the sun brighter, the sky bluer…of course.

Why? - asked our friends surprised
  1. I like to explore new places
  2. I like to travel
  3. I want to avoid that a place becomes "a shadow of my mind"
When this post is published, I'm heading to Cormons, Friuli, IT. I'll visit Aquila d'Oro at the Castello di Trussio, Dolegna - one of my favorite restaurants… I haven't been there for four years.

I want to fight my worst enemy: happy with a routine. The Attersee impressions have been set to some ideas... Time to become a free time nomad again.