Sunday Thought - Know the Rules To Break Them

The summer returned today. We went to a restaurant close to the Danube. Sundays they offer lunch starting from 12 to 5 pm. We sat in the little garden and enjoyed a light menu and a 2012 Riesling "Kastanienbusch", Rebholz, Pfalz, DE.

They break the rules, because most Austrians like to eat from 12 to 1.30 pm on Sundays (and most of the restaurants close at 2.30 pm).  We broke the rules, because we drank a German Riesling and not one of the celebrated Wachau Rieslings from its grand cru vineyards.

This is what wine-searcher says about Wachau wine.
Wachau's steep, sweeping, vineyard-lined riverbanks could easily be mistaken for those of Germany's Mosel, even if the wines could not: classic Wachau Rieslings taste richer, riper and more tropical than their counterparts from the cooler, wetter Mosel. They have much more in common with the richest Rieslings of Alsace and Pfalz.
As a terroirist I disagree. Wachau Riesling at the "Smaragd" level became too "designed by breed yeast" and alcohol-rich - in general. Wines from Muthentaler, Veyder Malberg, Pichler-Krutzler, ... break the rules. I call their wines "clear mountain spring water with subtle terroir replication".

What a Lazy Sunday Afternoon(a). The Small Faces broke the rules of pop when they released Odgens' Nuts Gone Flake a concept album mixing heavy rock with a fairy tale …

BTW, at UnRisk we break the rules by making the black box white.