Running, running, running

On Sept. 25, the Linz city night run (organized by Allgemeine Sparkasse) took place. UnRisk was represented by Diana Hufnagl and Sascha Kratky, and I think they enjoyed their race.

By curiosity, I did some gathering of information on the 1896 olympic marathon race.

Did you know that the 1896 marathon was (with 40 km) slightly shorter than marathon races are today?

The winner Spyridon Louis (GRE) finished with a time of 2:58:50. Spyridon Belokas finshed third. However, he was later disqualified because there was a protest that Belokas had covered part of the course by carriage.

It seems that the 1896 olympics were less organized and less commercialized than olympics are today.