Anticonformists - Why Do They All Look Alike?

Marginal Revolution linked to this The Washington Post Storyline article: The mathematician who proved why hipsters all look alike. Jonathans Touboul's paper is here.

From the abstract
In such different domains as statistical physics and spin glasses, neurosciences, social science, economics and finance, large ensemble of interacting individuals taking their decisions either in accordance (mainstream) or against (hipsters) the majority are ubiquitous. Yet, trying hard to be different often ends up in hipsters consistently taking the same decisions, in other words all looking alike
In this case, I am not sure whether mathematics is required to predict the emergent dynamics.

It seems to be quite obvious to me: if you only listen to mainstream, you create mainstream.  To create trends, mainstreams are usually acting focussed and simple. To fight the mainstream hipsters need to align and synchronize. To strengthen their non-conformity they act conform in their system.