UnRisk 8 Rolls Out

20-Nov-14 - we have released UnRisk PRICING ENGINE and UnRisk-Q version 8, introduced as UnRisk 8. This release is free for all UnRisk Premium Service Customers and will be shipped to all new customers immediately. UnRisk has been introduced 2001. Now UnRisk 8 is the 21st release.

What's new in UnRisk 8 has been compiled in Andreas' pre-announcement yesterday.

There's one thing: UnRisk-Q is the core of our technology stack. UnRisk PRICING ENGINE is a solution, but remains a technology, because our proprietary Excel Link provides a second  front-end, Excel, but the UnRisk Financial Language front end remains available.

It's perfect for quants, who want to build validation and test books in Excel, but develop new functionality atop UnRisk or, say, front office practitioners who want to run dynamic work books, but develop post processors aggregating results in a beyond-Excel way. Even better if both collaborate closely.