Archplot - The Story Structure for a Life as a Quant?

Since I've posted why quants should tell more stories, I wanted to know much more about "storytelling". Fortunately, I found The Story Grid.

Stories have to do with lives and when I asked no CEQs on board? I had Emanual Derman's story "My Life as a Quant" in mind and how the situation (and stories) of quants have changed.

I learned that a story has a style, a structure and a substance and in relation to a life the structure is the most import criterion, IMO. It is about the plot.

Archplot. Miniplot. Antiplot

build the story triangle in R. McKee's view.

Archplot is the classic story structure. It features a single protagonist. The lead character pursues an object of desire (an advanced risk management process?), confronting external forces (a strategy, project roles, a management principles…). The story ends with an irreversible change in the life of the protagonist. It's causal, real and linear..

Archplot is human life story. As humans we may find radical change to be difficult, but we want the protagonist to change from the beginning to the end. We want characters taking myriads of challenges...

Miniplot characters struggle with their inner demons, move through the world avoiding external confrontations. They're passive not active. Inside they fight for their life. Miniplot usually offers "open" ends.

Antiplot fights the story itself, it breaks all rules. No requirement for causality, nor a constant reality, no time constraints and the protagonists are the same at the end of the story. They never fight any forces. They just remain as they ever were.

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