Climb the Financial Mountain

Recently, Wilmott Magazin interviewed a few members of the quantitative finance community: "Should working ín finance equate with the responsibilities of public service?". My answer (compiled): No. Avoid any innovation-killer and think-stopper. Strong regulation of the core business leads to outsourcing of responsibility. But inter-business risk management and its related infrastructure, responsibility and funding shall become globalized.

Take a hostel for mountain climbers, it is privately owned and the owner makes it attractive by advising diversified routes, services, technical aids, equipment rental etc. The most impressive routes are usually the most risky ones. The owner lost business if he repeatedly encouraged climbers to go crowded (correlated) routes, in bad weather conditions, or denying avalanche warnings. The owner receives info on weather and snow conditions from a public service that usually also manages the mountain rescue operation. The owners subsidize the mountain rescue operation by a percentage of their margins.
The climber remains responsible for double-checking the offer. But they often do not have the expertise to assess the adequateness and robustness of their technical equipment and test suites to expose situations when they might fail. This is why we offer responsibility and transparent math. See our Model & Method Risk Seminar.

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