Co-evolution of customer needs and technology development

UnRisk PRICING ENGINE incorporates advanced numerical schemes (C++) integrated into a declarative programming layer (Mathematica). On this level it is an instrument builder and pricing engine in one, providing insight in the mathematical schemes and deal type constructors. 

How do we develop? Customers send us term-sheets, we check across models and features and inform customers whether it can be replicated in UnRisk, or needs some add-ons. Due to our declarative environment, new-deal-type implementations are often delivered in a few days. Customized systems stay always compatible with future UnRisk releases. But if we find a reliable and robust deal-type modeling and analytics theoretically dangerous, we say: we stay away from this ... 
Andreas: "If we find in cross-model tests that prices and risk-spectra really "differ", something is wrong with the instrument"
UnRisk FACTORY integrates a grid-enabled version of the PRICING ENGINE into an application data base and a web environment. On that level we discuss with or customers portfolios across scenarios and how their valuation can be automated and aggregated. The procedure is the same: get requirements - yes / yes with add-on / no stay away.
This customer-first strategy has driven the incredibly fast growth of UnRisk (15 major releases in six years).
Summarizing, we offer customer experiences and know-how packages.

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