David and Goliath

In a market of Goliaths able to justify large spend on risk management how are the numerous small market participants, like capital management firms to meet regulatory pressure whilst staying cost effective. Their functional requirements are as demanding as those of a large bank. The difference, their business is more focused in terms of strategy, client segments and product volumes. Consequently, their number of different positions and cash flows is lower. That said, they need a feature-rich system for the small.

The large integrated systems are designed and implemented on the large scale for the large. This holds whether in terms of service culture, infrastructure and implementation.
The UnRisk option: we have geared ourselves to meeting the requirements of small and medium sized financial institutions, scalable from a sigle desk top to a pool of networked core processes in a minimalist Microsoft infrastructure. Easy to set up and manage. An UnRisk FACTORY system is installed in an hour, a comfortable data adapter allows for (market) data integration in a day and the instrument-portfolio-scenario set-up may take a week (or two).
But quick does not mean dirty, small must not mean poor. We offer the state of the art models and solve and calibrate them correctly. Our proprietary algorithms do not waste a single core second, they are accurate, fast and robust. We apply principle component analysis, GPU co-processing and coarse grain parallelization to allow millions of single valuations in short time. Crunching numbers on a hand full of PCs, accessible from a web browser. 

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