Fair price of a fair-price valuation system?

The UnRisk PRICING ENGINE, the ultra-fast pricing and calibration engine, addresses kind of financial products management, in any position of the sell-to-buy chain. Users have their term sheets replicated, apply the instantiated models, price the instruments and do what-if analysis. 

Consequently, the licensing and pricing scheme of the PRICING ENGINE is seat-based.
The UnRisk FACTORY enables the building of comprehensive  risk analytics tasks by setting up portfolios-in-scenario-groups and analyse them automatically. The UnRisk FACTORY manages to utilize the computational ressources and control the computation flow optimally.
Consequently the licensing and pricing scheme is related to the computational power.
Fortunately, we can easily adopt the licensing and licensing scheme of Mathematica and gridMathematica 7, the platform of UnRisk. UnRisk FACTORY for grid-(n+1) comes with 20 + n*16 computation kernels (grid-1 comes with 20, grid-2 with 36 computational kernels).
UnRisk pricing is based on purchase prices, but to compare, UnRisk FACTORY starts at approx. EUR 120 / computation kernel / month including Premium Services. It requires a MS SQL Server license and HW. That ist all. Fair position on the value-cost map? Think of a few hours of personal cost and the enormous savings ... 

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